About us

Sheikh Saeed Jewelry was established in the city of Sahab in 2015 for its owner, Sheikh Saeed Al-Maharma and his sons, registered in
The Jordanian Ministry of Industry and Trade is as follows
The commercial name of the establishment: Muhammad Muharram Jewelry
The establishment's national number: 10454508
Trade type: 372008 Trade in gold and jewelry

Since then, we have been offering the most beautiful and finest types of gold jewelry, whether imported or locally made,21K and 18K gold jewelry at competitive prices and of high quality, and we provide after-sales services to all our customers.

And with the development of Ecommerce, social media, delivery services and electronic payment channels, it has become a need to have an online store for each product or exhibition.
But before that, the customer needs to know complete details about any gold piece he wants to buy, and because jewelry pieces are rarely the same, so every piece has a story, and we are here to tell you this story.

what is the price of this piece?
How much does this piece weigh?
How much is the caliber of the piece, and what does the caliber mean?
What is the price of gold today?
How much are the making charges?
What is the size of this ring or the length of this bracelet?
Are there more pictures?
How do I buy this piece?

All these questions and more have been answered in this store to be a guide for you from A to Z in choosing the right piece for you with the method of buying and receiving from the showroom or delivery and payment upon receipt locally or through the available and reliable payment channels through the store

Each piece displayed in this store goes through many processes before it reaches you in this form, from supplying and stamping the caliber in the Standards and Metrology Institution to weighing, measuring, quality checking, then photographing, entering the store, and continuous and automatic updating of prices

This is not just an online store, but behind it is one of the oldest gold stores in Sahab and at the level of the Kingdom.

Sheikh Saeed Jewlery


who are we? We are luxury makers.