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مجوهرات الشيخ سعيد وأولاده

سنسال بوكس 45 سم متوسط السماكة

سنسال بوكس 45 سم متوسط السماكة


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(2mm) Box Chain 45cm Made of 21K Yellow Gold

SKU: 4.33g :الوزن

21K :العيار

: سعر غرام الذهب

JOD : الإجور على الغرام

رقم القطعة : 18751

طريقة الطلب والتوصيل

Size guide

1- Please download this app

2- Put a ring on the phone screen

3- Move the cursor to fit the ring sizes on the screen


(For hand size (for bangles).

You can know the size of the hand by using a meter of cloth or using a thread and then placing it on a ruler, taking into account taking the size from the widest area of the hand.
And your size is according to the following table.

height Diameter Size
19 cm 6 cm Small
20 cm 6.5 cm Medium / Medium
21 cm 7 cm Large / Large

To find out the right chain length for you

The chain is measured from end to end, and we adopt the measurement in centimeters.

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